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  • Collector - Niles, MI

    United Federal Credit Union
    Job Description

    General Summary

    The Collector is responsible for maintaining appropriate delinquency and loan loss ratios.  This position will cure delinquency, resolve issues creating or impacting delinquency and minimize loan losses through assertive collections efforts and appropriate referral to the Member Assistance Program.  This position is responsible to provide creative and sustainable solutions to members seeking assistance in curing delinquency.


    Essential Functions, in Priority Order

    1         Responsible to resolve delinquency and minimize loan losses by utilizing all available resources to locate and initiate contact with members whose loans are in default;  Is the primary source of account information for members with delinquent loans and the primary resource for delinquency related issues. Time:55%

     2        Aggressively pursue residence, employment and other information for members who are non-responsive to collection efforts and it has been discovered information initially provided by member is not valid. Time: 20%

     3        Initial point of contact for members who are experiencing financial difficulties; determine reason for current financial situation, assist members with MAP financial information and submit referral for MAP. Time 10%.

     4        Provide accurate, complete and consistent documentation on member accounts to eliminate ambiguity and potential issues.  Time: 5%

     5        Obtain and maintain a high level of knowledge of all Credit Union products and services. Time: 5%

     6        Responsible to prepare and submit recommendations for repossession, charge-off and legal action for assigned portfolio. Time 5%


    Education and experience

    High school diploma or equivalent. 

    Some college preferred. 

    Two years of collections experience preferred.

    Required Skills

    Knowledge, Skills and Abilities



    Sense of urgency

    Interpersonal/relationship management

    Organizational/time management

    Decision making and problem solving

    Attention to detail

    Excellent communication skills

    Drive for results


    Demonstrated ability to maintain confidentiality


    Mental Requirements


    Ability to handle irate and abusive members.

    Analyze and resolve problems quickly while talking with members.

    Analyze credit worthiness of members.

    Handle stress and negativity.

    Ability to research and analyze all possible resolutions for delinquency and charge-offs.

    Use appropriate judgement in delinquency resolution.

    Identify errors and make appropriate corrections/settlements.

    Differentiate between geographical areas of membership.

    Differentiate between financial levels of membership.

    Recall of members/problems for effective collection.


    Tools and Equipment Used


    All available general office equipment as needed.

    All available computer software and hardware as needed.


    Working Relationships/Contacts

    Daily, personal/written/phone contact with Credit Union members.

    Daily, personal/written/phone contact with department manager.

    Daily, personal/written/phone contact with Credit Union staff.

    Daily, written/phone contact with vendors.


    Physical Demands

    Work involves standing and walking for brief periods of time, but most work is done from a seated position. A great deal of time is spent on the telephone. There is potential for eyestrain from reading detailed reports and computer screen. Deadlines, workloads and pressure to achieve goals may cause increased stress levels.


    Working Conditions

    Internal -- work is normally performed in climate controlled office environment, where exposure to conditions of extreme heat/cold, poor ventilation, fumes and gases is very limited. Noise level is moderate and includes sounds of normal office equipment (computers, telephones, etc).  No known environmental hazards are encountered in normal performance of duties. Length of day is unpredictable; extended hours may be required.

     External -- Some travel is required; however, information on environmental conditions is not available.



    Delinquency and recoveries directly affect the profit and loss of the Credit Union. The Collections Department is the final measurement of the accuracy and success of most Credit Union Products.

    Meet or exceed call volume goals.

    Meet or exceed call quality expectations

    Meet or exceed operation objectives with respect to delinquency ratio.

    Meet or exceed operational objectives with respect to loan loss ratio.

    Meet or exceed MAP referrals

    Provide informed, professional and accurate service and support to all members and associates.

    Job Location
    Niles, Michigan, United States
    Position Type
    Contact Information