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Assistant Broadcast Engineer/IT Systems Administrator at Mid-West Family Broadcasting

Mid-West Family Broadcasting
Job Description

General Job Overview

Provide IT Support for all computer systems, servers, workstations, routers etc.

You’ll have the opportunity to learn broadcast engineering from a professional who’s been in the field for more than thirty years.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

  • Perform help desk duties
  • Administer Windows and MacOS laptops and workstations
  • Administer Windows and Linux servers
  • Administer network infrastructure
  • Administer Cisco and Linux routers
  • Plan and implement network expansion as needed
  • Perform broadcast equipment installation, troubleshooting and repair
  • Assist with Live Remote Broadcasts
  • Perform other broadcast engineering tasks as needed
  • Be available for “On Call” emergencies, work nights & weekends as needed


  • Microsoft Server Experience
  • Microsoft Exchange Server Experience
  • Active Directory and Group Policy
  • Cisco VoIP systems
  • Cisco ASA devices
  • Be able to tow trailers
  • Drive large vehicles

Education and/or Experience

  • Minimum 5 years Microsoft Server Administration and IT Support
  • Strong data/electrical wiring experience desired
  • Familiar with audio systems
  • Experience towing trailers
  • Must have desire to learn all technical aspects of Broadcast Engineering
  • Strong mechanical skills desired

Physical Demands

  • Must be able to lift 50lbs
  • Climb ladders
  • Be able to work in tight spaces

Hourly pay based on experience. Benefits include vacation, insurance and 401K

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