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    Southwest Michigan Regional Airport
    Job Description
    This position involves the general responsibility for the operation of the Airport Authority Administration Offices.  The person involved acts as the executive secretary for the Airport Director and his staff.  In this role, the person exercises considerable discretion, tact, confidence and initiative in managing the office and its functions. This person is responsible for general receptionist functions, such as phone answering and proper routing of action directions. The overall scope of responsibilities involves the management of the office files, billings, payments, payroll, budgets, reports, personnel records, meeting minutes and budget maintenance.  The Office Manager works closely with the Airport Director in the development of budgets, objectives planning, progress reports, and the general operational functions of the Airport Authority.  Work is performed with considerable initiative, but general supervision only.
              This is maintenance work involving the maintenance and operation of Airport Authority facilities and services, including runways, grounds, buildings and equipment.  Assists the Operations Manager in planning and scheduling of projects and general operations.  Supervises, plans, and performs work activity with part-time or seasonal maintenance employees.  Work is performed under the Operations Manager.
              Must pass pre-employment and random drug screening
    *         Acts as the receptionist for the Airport Authority Administrative staff; responds to and routes all phone calls, receives all visitors and presents a professional appearance in these actions.
    *         Processes letters, reports, financial sheets, and other office documents.
    *         Recommends, establishes and maintains an overall office file system.
    *         Develops and maintains an assets file of Airport Authority property.
    *         With counsel, develops and administers an accounting system for the management of cash receipts, a disbursement journal, payment of bills, payroll, bank deposits, tax returns where required, and other financial functions as required; works closely with the Airport Authority Auditor on these matters.
    *         Maintains records of all revenue sources, collects rents from tenants, parking fees, aircraft landing fees and other sources as they occur.
    *         Working with the Airport Director, puts together the details and the budget itself of a zero-based line item budget system.
    *         Prepares reports as required for Board and Committee meetings, tax returns, other state and federal documents, meeting minutes, budget reports and other cash flow reports, as needed.
    *         Maintains state and Airport Authority records such as reports, rules, regulations, policy documents, ordinances, leases, etc.
    *         Performs such other duties as may be required by the Airport Director.
    On Field:
    *         Responsible for the use of testing meters, plumbing/heating/electrical tools, utilizing welding equipment and other tools and equipment.
    *         Coordinates and/or oversees work in progress, including maintenance and repair of runways, taxiways, aprons, lighting system, water system, sewer and heating systems, buildings, hangars and so forth by contractors.
    *         Maintains continuing records of fuel, oils, supplies and parts for equipment, along with any lighting equipment and ARFF equipment, arranging re-order as needed and keeping inventory.
    *         Assures proper maintenance of ground radio equipment for the remote control runway lighting system.
    *         Carries out the timely completion of all snow/ice removal for safe runway/taxiway operations.
    *         Assists Operations Manager with purchase of materials and services for operations.
    *         Develops necessary systems and procedures for the effective operation of the Airport Authority.
    *         Responsible for training of temporary employees when needed; instructs in specialized tasks.
    *         Inspects work upon completion; insures that proper methods are used and that equipment is used efficiently.
    *         Maintains snow removal, ARFF equipment, mowing equipment, and all other Airport Authority equipment, buildings, grounds and lighting.
    *         Responsible for repairs to field lighting, electrical vault, mowing, buildings, plumbing/heating, painting and any other tasks in the running of an Airport Authority.
    *         Confers frequently with the Operations Manager on matters related to maintenance of Airport Authority facilities.
    *         And duties as assigned.
    Contact Information